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Shea World Garden Founder


Meet Shonna

Hey friends! My name is Shonna Lee and I am the owner of Shea World Garden. 

This journey began like most, trying to solve a problem, and mine was eczema and dry brittle hair. As I was looking for a solution through using many mainstream products that were filled with chemicals I didn't understand, I was left constantly disappointed. As time past my eczema got worse for me, as well as my children. I began researching those chemicals and found out that not only were they not effective but also harmful to our health. So, I started looking into more natural remedies for skin and hair, which opened my eyes to a wonderful world I never fully understood, Nature! 

I learned about the healing powers of nature and how it was good for both inside and outside our bodies, chemical free. I started creating natural products as a hobby and it is now a business.

Now, onto the inspirational poems on the product label. As you can probably tell I am a proud believer in God and a Follower of Jesus Christ. And nowadays many people are falling victim to depression, hopelessness, and suicide. So, I wanted to include a way to help people know and remember that they are a beautiful soul and created for a purpose. So with the acrostic inspirational poems on each label people can have a reminder of hope and encouragement for the day. 

So friends, what started as a problem, turned into a DIY hobby, and is now a business! If you would like to financially support the continued growth of Shea World Garden,  click the Shop Now button to find a product right for you! God Bless and be encouraged!